About Roman Soccer

Stephen J. Roman, Sr. had the record of 187-7-10 and won 14 Youth Championships. He served in the United States Army and as the president of a 1,000 person manufacturing firm, which he built from a two person company. Coach Roman, as he is forever known to his athletes, was a coach who believed in developing the character of the individual and the team. If you have taken on the task of coaching a youth soccer team and want to get the best guidance and leadership possible. Please buy this program and study it. We are so sure that it will do as promised, that we offer a sixty day money back guarantee.
The Roman Coaching Method is about developing the character of the individual, which leads to the character of a team.
Ask yourself what the value of your child’s social group is growing up. The price is infinite. Roman Soccer will show you how to lead and develop the social infrastructure of your child’s peer group.
Roman Soccer utilizes a baseball diamond to maximize practice up-time efficiency and minimize lost balls. These small efficiencies lead to a more conditioned and better skilled team.
All of Roman Soccer’s instructional videos are available on your handheld in a mobile platform, so you have the drills in front of you when you need them.


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